Fajawe Homes Service has performed a wide range of residential and commercial repairs,  home appliances and restaurant equipment, walk-in coolers, AC system. we also did repairs and installation of electrical and plumbing fixtures such as ceiling fans, lights, receptacle, faucets, garbage disposal, sinks, drain cleaning. FHS has a maintenance program designed to keep every item in your house in running condition for along time.       

Maintenance Program

  With this maintenance program, Fajawe Home Servers will visit the  client home four times a year and inspect the following:

  1.  inspect all  plumbing and electrical fixtures for proper operation

  2. inspect all appliances and ensure it is running to optimal performance

  3. check doors for sagging, stickiness and proper closer, and chick door locks for smooth locking motion. 

  4. inspect the heating and ventilation system and replace the filters on each visit

  5. inspect all drains in the house for leaks such as sinks, toilets, faucets  

  6. check windows for proper opening and closing and for air leaks 

if repair is needed a cost estimate of repair will be presented to the client, clients have the choice to repair or not.

the cost of the maintenance program is $425 per year.

maintenance services call cost is $50   


whirlpool plumbing


The image  on the left is a good reason to have a maintenance plan to keep your equipment running