Renovations (also called remodeling ) is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Renovations are typically either commercial or residential. Additionally, renovation can refer to renewing a structure, such as a house or a commercial bulding,

The renovation process can usually be broken down into several processes:

Planning, Engineering, Structuralrepair, Finishing


   Technology has had a meaningful impact on the renovation process, increasing the significance and strength of the planning stage. The availability of free online design tools has improved visualization of the changes, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional interior designer. The decision regarding changes is also influenced by the purpose of renovation. In case of a fix and flip objective, an ROI (return on investment) can result from changes to fix a structural issue or design flow yield[1] or to use light and color to make rooms appear more spacious. The house as the video shows was in very bad shape, every room needed major work done to it, the kitchen and the bathroom were redesigned, the master bedroom gained 3 

extra feet, the electrical load panel was replaced and the house rewired,  every door and window was replaced, replaced the old bathtub with a fiberglass three pieces bathtub shower, new carpet was installed and painted the house.