The video on the right is an exterior remodeling project, the project consisted of installing vinyl siding and replace  windows. The outside walls are stucco, to install the siding lumber was attached to the stucco walls then 3/4 inch Styrofoam insulation used to improve the thermal exchange. Windows were installed first then the pross of installing the siding started. as the video shows from start to end.

wood double-hung window

energy efficient 

Doors and windows add character and value to any house, therefore, it is important to choose the right doors and windows.

there are many different styles of door such as french doors, patio doors, entry

doors, sliding doors, kitchen doors, and interior doors also there are solid wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and metal doors and windows.



 Patio doors 

the door on the left is sliding

vinyl patio door, the door on the right is a french wood patio


sliding window, wood trim  and energy efficient